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you're pathetic and annoying.
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And you are a moron. You don’t even know me… so who is the pathetic one? How about the person who emails a random stranger calling them that. I actually have a life outside a tv show… so… ya…

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Are you 5? What the hell kind of question is this?

I think he is ugly and frankly don’t give a damn

I don’t care if you agree or disagree… but the bottom line is… for those saying… Shenny fans would be ok with Sheldon changing for Penny but not Amy… umm….Penny accepted him as he was. They had an amazing friendship that could of been built on to make it go easier into a relationship. Sheldon could still be a germ a phobe, still be a pain in the ass, still have his weird hang ups, because…. he was Penny’s best friend and she accepted him as he did her.

There is no need to change Sheldon as much as he has….


When Shennys say this I find this so, but SOOOOOOOOOO funny!
I mean.. If Sheldon changed for Penny (yes, he would have to change if they engaged in a relationship, darling, even more that with Amy!), it’s ok. But if he does something after almost THREE years for HIS GIRLFRIEND, ‘oh, no! this…

The main reasons for me anyway that I say this, have nothing to do with him and Amy. Sheldon was all kinds of crazy. Thats why he was original and people loved him. I loved how he has a germ a phobe and had all these things like “3 strikes” etc… and now he is like a different person. Its just annoying. Amy or no Amy… that shit would piss me off.


Gard , I hate how people are telling shenny shippers who quit the fandom to grow up and calling us pathetic .. No offense but your just blind to he fact the show isnt good anymore because all your ships are together and your happy about that, so you wouldnt care how bad tbbt was as long as they…